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Monday, September 9, 2013

Spring Break In Cancun

Spring Break In Cancun For College Students

spring break in cancun
Spring Break is probably one of the most anticipated times of a college students life. What could be better than spending spring break in Cancun with friends, enjoying the warm weather and beautiful scenery? NOTHING! Cancun, Mexico has long been one of the most visited places by college students looking to have some fun while on vacation. Can you blame them? Any college grad would tell you that spring break in Cancun was beyond amazing and for those who don’t are probably the ones who we’re too jacked up to even remember being there. LOL. Want to know why so many students love spring break in Cancun?

Spring Break In Cancun: Attractions

The best part about spring break in Cancun is by far the beach and the amazing views that you see during sun down hours! Cancun is like a world of extreme partying for college students. Wet N’ Wild Amusement Park is one of the main attractions in Cancun. If you’re big on water rides and just enjoy being in amusement parks then this is the place for you and your friends.
Photos of Wet'n Wild Cancun, Cancun
If you come from a family of wealth or just love the thrill of gambling, there are a couple of casinos one of the most entertaining being the Playboy Casino. Filled with glitz and glamor you should have no problem enjoying yourself at this casino, especially being surrounded by beautiful bunnies. Photos of Playboy Casino Cancun, Cancun
Photos of Playboy Casino Cancun, Cancun
Now what’s the fun in going on spring break in Cancun and not spending a little cash in their shopping malls. One of if not the nicest malls in Cancun has got to be the ‘La Isla Shopping Mall’. With so many stores to shop as well as eat in, you’ll have a blast in this mall. The scenery at night around the mall is extremely nice and probably the best time to go. See for yourself. Photos of La Isla Shopping Mall, Cancun
Photos of La Isla Shopping Mall, Cancun

Spring Break In Cancun: Beaches

spring break in cancun
The beach is where the majority of the drinking, frolicking, and excitement happens. Most college students don’t even bother with attractions with so much activity taking place on the beach alone. Beautiful women, nice weather, your buddies and drinks? Why leave?
oasis_page_02Water jet packing is just another one of the crazy fun activities to do while on the beach when you just want to try something new, when your not loaded with alcohol of course. There’s way too much fun to have while on spring break in Cancun. It’s something that you have to just experience for yourself. How can you not have a blast with so much to do in one city? It’s impossible, even for the guy/girl who doesn’t like to go out much or doesn’t know how to just HAVE FUN!! You haven’t lived until you’ve spent a spring break in Cancun!
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